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Feel secure and look professional when using Jamison Webworks email hosting.

With Jamison Webworks email hosting you get email accounts @yourdomain.com. By having email address with @yourdomain.com you are showing your customers and potential customers that you are professional company.

All email accounts are compatible with iPhone, Android, and other popular smart phones.

• Spam Assassin and Remote Block Lists
• Web Based Email (Webmail)
• Email Anti-Virus Service
• Email Forwarding
• Auto-responders and Vacation Message
• Email Filters and Mailman Listserver
• POP3, SMTP, IMAP and MX information
• End to End Email Encryption

Spam Assassin and Remote Block Lists

Jamison Webworks mail service subscribes to SpamCop and Spamhaus as well as several other reputable web-host friendly spam prevention services known for their reliability and accuracy in the spam identification process. These block lists are updated several times per day and contain lists of “known spammers” and ensures that deliveries from these unwanted senders will never make it into your inbox. This service is free of charge for Jamison Webworks hosting plans.

Combine the above with “Spam Assassin” (optional and included on every site you host) and you are now in full control of your email inbox. Spam Assassin allows you take your filtering to a higher level. However, it is possible for Spam to escape our preliminary line of defenses. With Spam Assassin you can add a secondary level of spam prevention and configure additional settings suggested below:

1. Partially rewrite the subject line to contain the words of your choice, when an email is identified as spam. This helps you to easily sort through your mail subjects for possible spam. For example:

Before Spam Assassin: “Buy Our Spam Product”
After Spam Assassin: **SPAM DETECTED** “Buy Our Spam Product”

2. Deliver emails flagged as Spam to a separate spam box for manual filtering.

This allows you to go through your spam box, AKA “junk mail folder” from time to time to check for legitimate email that may have been flagged as spam.

3. Auto-delete mail flagged as spam.

This is one of the most popular options which allows you to delete spam as it arrives, without ever seeing it, without wasting disk space, by automatically deleting the email as soon as it arrives instead of collecting junk emails in a secondary spam folder.

4. Set the spam threshold.

This allows you to set how strict or relaxed the Spam Assassin system proactively filters and processes your email.

5. Whitelist your trusted senders.

Add trusted friends and domains to your whitelist to bypass the Spam Assassin filtration system. This eliminates “false-positives” and ensures delivery of email from your trusted senders list.

Web Based Email (Webmail)

Horde and Roundcube are included as part of every account and are perfect options for those on the move. If you are away from your home computer or laptop, and need access to your email outside of your favorite Jamison Webworks compatible email program, like Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail or Mac Mail, or simply prefer to read email in a web based environment similar to Gmail or Yahoo (without the advertisements!) then Webmail is perfect for you.

A Web-based email interface lets you login, read, reply, forward, include attachments and more, all from a convenient web-based interface. Choose any webmail client you prefer, anytime! Horde is great for desktop computers.  Roundcube is our latest addition and is a super clean and intuitive Web 2.0 email reader compatible with all modern smartphones like iPhone and Android.

Email Anti-Virus Service

All email coming through a Jamison Webworks server is screened for known malware through our intensive anti-virus technology. We update our virus definitions several times per day, so you can be sure you are protected from the latest known threats at all times using the latest virus definitions provided by Clam AntiVirus as well as other proprietary methods used by no one else in the industry.

Jamison Webworks’s AV solution ensures over 99.9% success in protecting your email inbox from virus delivery. It easily and automatically keeps your home and office network safe from all known virus threats. Protect your valuable home and office computers from mistakes made by guests, family members, or other people by accidentally opening an unwanted virus on your work stations.

There is nothing to install on your computer as it is completely handled by the email server. There is nothing to configure or any complicated interaction required by you. We handle the entire process in the background for you and you will never notice a thing with the exception of an inbox that contains up to 100% less viruses than without our state of the art AV protection system. This service is free of charge.

Email Forwarding

Ensure you get those important emails sent to whatever email address you choose. If you have a web site on a Jamison Webworks server with the email address “myname@mydomain.com” you can forward that email to whatever address you check most often. You can forward it to “youremail@gmail.com or whatever works best for you.

There is no limit to how many forwards you create and no “per forwarder” fee. You can call us at 518-371-2415 and we will be happy to set up the forwarder for you.

Auto-responders and Vacation Message

Auto-responders and vacation messages are free with your new Jamison Webworks hosted web site. Auto responders can be helpful for giving a quick reply message and telling them that your message  has been received and you will contact them within 24 hours or whatever time frame you choose. You can even configure automatic start and stop dates for your vacation messages. You can just give us a call at 518-371-2415 and we will set up your auto-responder or vacation message for you.

Email Filters

Great for beginners and experts. Filters on the beginner level can be used to simply discard emails that meet certain criteria like a subject line that you do not want to see anymore or someone’s email address you do not want to receive email from ever again. For advanced users, filters can be setup to “pipe” inbound email to specialized scripts like help desks and ticketing systems.

Mailman List Server

Manage and maintain opt-in and opt-out mailing lists and newsletters with your Mailman List server. Mailman supports “announce only” and collaborative user groups modes. Announce only is just that, you post to the list server and all your list members get your message. User groups mode allows list members to reply to the list, and all users on the list will get their reply. Great for keeping in contact with your buddies or project collaboration.

Included in All Packages:

  • – Top-notch deliverability
  • – Ready for Ecommerce
  • – A/B testing
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Industry Benchmarks
  • – And More…

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