Web Hosting FAQ

Web Hosting FAQ’s

What is Web Site Hosting?
If you want to promote your small business on the Internet, you must first build a web site and then find a company that can make your small business web site available to everyone on the Internet. Companies that do this are called web hosting companies. Their servers are connected to the Internet in a way that allows anyone looking for your small business web site to find it on their server.

What type of small business web hosting services should I expect?
Small business web hosting services should include:
• FTP (file transfer protocol)
• Secure servers
• Firewalls
• E-mail accounts
• Web statistics
• Sophisticated coding in addition to HTML
• Data base compatibility
• Domain name registration
• Web page design
• Strong technical support
• Strong customer service

Can I use my own server?
Yes you can. However, that would involve in house technical support and probably cost more than using a small business web hosting company.

What Is Virtual Hosting?
Virtual hosting means you have your own domain name like www.yourcompany.com rather than being part of an Internet Service Provider’s huge web site. Then your address would be www.isp.yourcompany.com. Most small businesses uses virtual hosting.

What kind of small business web hosting do I want?
There are three main choices: Linux hosting, Unix hosting and Windows hosting. Most small businesses use Linux hosting. It is less expensive and easy to use. It supports data bases MySQL is the most popular and php programing. If your web site uses asp then you should consider Windows hosting. Unix hosting is more expensive and difficult to use, but it is more flexible than the Linux and Windows options. In my opinion, from a price and features standpoint, Linux hosting is the best solution.

What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is when web sites share one IP (Internet Protocol) address on small business web hosting server. This is an excellent small business hosting option because of the many features and low price. A vast majority of small businesses use shared web hosting.

What is dedicated hosting?
Dedicated hosting is when only one web site and IP address resides on a server. That server is dedicated to one web site. It is usually used for large, high volume web sites.

What is managed web hosting?
Managed web hosting used to refer to businesses that have a dedicated hosting server and have a third party manage the server and the various features for them. Now, managed hosting has spread to include the features and services offered by shared small business web hosting companies. These features should include a web hosting control panel. E-mail accounts that can support both POP3 and online mail e-mail clients. Scripting languages like php and asp (see the what kind of small business web hosting do I want? FAQ). Data base support for shopping carts and additional web site features. Managed small business web hosting should also include statistics about your web site activity. There should also be a strong customer service support team, not only to maintain your small business web site, but to provide assistance is all the areas mentioned above.

How do I get a domain name for my web site?
Domain names and web site hosting are two separate and distinct things. However a good small business web hosting company can take both of them for you. Domain names are obtained at a domain name registrar’s web site. There used to be just a few companies that offered this service and it was expensive. Now, it is readily available for about $10.00 per name per year. You simply log on to a domain name registrar’s web site and follow the simple instructions. You can check to see which names are available and purchase the one you want is a few simple steps. The name is then placed in your Domain Name registration account. That’s it. Jamison Web Works is a domain name registrar.

What is this name server stuff?
Name servers are how the Internet knows where you are. When someone types in or clicks the name of your web site, in a few microseconds the Internet visits your domain name registration account. There it follows the name servers which tell it exactly where your web site resides. When you select a small business web hosting company, they will tell you what name servers you should use. You or if you choose the hosting company then goes to your domain name account and changes the name servers so your domain name points to your web site.

How do I set up my web site with a small business web hosting company?
A better question is how does a small business web hosting company set up my web site?
Here are the steps.
• If you don’t have one decide on a domain name. See above.
• Select a small business web hosting company.
• Upload your site to your new small business web hosting server.
• Change the name servers. See the what are name servers FAQ.
• Log on to your hosting control panel
• Set up your e-mail accounts
• Check out the features on the control panel and take a few minutes to
look at the help guides or wizards that are available on good
small business web hosting sites.
• Wait for your site to procreate. That’s the time is takes for the entire Internet to recognize you are online. This will take from 4 hours to 48 hours.
• Enjoy your new web site.

Some small business web hosting companies, like Jamison Web Works, will do all this for you.

If you would have more questions or would like to find out more about our hosting services please give us a call at 518-371-2415 during normal business hours, eastern time.

Included in All Packages:

  • – IP address
  • – Unmetered Traffic
  • – Rock Solid Network
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Advance Tools
  • – And More…

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