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A web site is an important part of surviving in today’s small business world. I brings credibility and importance to your business. Using e-mail addresses related to a small business web site is critical in this new communication age. The problem is, with everything else going on how do small business people find the time and the knowledge to develop a web site and find the right company to host it. Before beginning ask yourself these questions:

What do I want my web site to accomplish and what are my future plans? This could be anything from a full e-commerce web site to simply an e-mail address.

How much disk space and bandwidth will I need? A good hosting company will help you with these questions and make sure these technical requirements are met.

Do I want to have blogs and/or RSS feeds?

What about security features for shopping carts, hackers and identity thieves?

How is my e-mail processed? Are there spam filters and how they work?

Deciding how you will use your web site is not only good management, but critical in determining who will host your small business web site. A full online e-commerce solution has very different hosting requirements from a business whose focus is a basic online presence and e-mail.

Disk space and bandwidth are technical items that can become problems at most in opportune times. The amount of disk space is fairly straightforward. It is basically the size of your small business web site, PLUS all the e-mail messages in your individual e-mail accounts. Most of the disk space you will use will be for e-mail, not for your web site. If you use a computer based e-mail client, like Outlook, this probably won’t be a problem. However, if you send and receive e-mail using the server based e-mail client that is part of your hosting package, your space requirements can really increase.

When used in reference to web hosting, Bandwidth is really the amount of data that is transferred up to and down from your web site. It is not usually a concern unless large files are being uploaded to your web site. For example, instead of sending CD’s of data by mail or overnight delivery, many small businesses now use FTP (file transfer protocol) to upload files to their web site and allow the recipient access to download them. It’s fast, easy and can save small businesses a lot of money. Make sure you ask about space and bandwidth when receiving proposals from perspective hosting companies.

Web sites are constantly changing and evolving. Not to many years ago, nobody knew about RSS feeds and blogs? Today, web hosting companies need to be on the cutting edge of technology and making sure new features are compatible with their servers. One way to make sure your hosting company is keeping current is to look for small business web hosting companies using Linux servers. Linux, the open source technology is nimble and easy to update and adjust. Small businesses should seriously hosting their web site on a Linux server.

Protecting the hosting server from attack is a very important part of a good hosting company. Again, look for a Linux server. Hackers and spammers are always coming up with new ways to penetrate your web site and your e-mail. Linux based small business servers are the best way to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Make sure your small business hosting company offers full e-mail service with the hosting agreement. Find out how many mailboxes you can have and if you need more how much does it cost. Find out what kind of server based e-mail clients they use and is there redundancy (more than one client) so, if you use web mail, you can choose the one with the features you like. Make sure there are spam filters available and ask what happens if a message is marked spam. Ask what happens, if a legitimate message is caught in a spam filter.

This article may have uncovered more questions than it answered. That is why it is important to be able to speak to a representative from the small business web hosting company before making a decision. If you can only get answers through FAQ’s or on the small business hosting companies web site, you may end up making a bad decision. Web hosting is a big deal. You should expect good service and a free consultation about your site before making a commitment. During the consultation ask about back ups, downtime and redundancy so your can be insures that your web site will be on line, your e-mail will work and you won’t lose any data.

Shop around, kick the tires and get some prices. If you have questions, please give us a call, at 518-371-2415. Even if you don’t use our services, we will be happy to give you some answers and hopefully a few new ideas.

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