Why Choose Us

Why choose Jamison Webworks Hosting? The answer is simple.

Seemingly, there are many choices when it comes to picking a Web hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear. Discover the reasons why our hosting is the right choice for you.

We Need Your Business
Even after 15 years in operation, we’re still a boutique web hosting company, so we need to work harder to keep your business. We go the extra mile to make sure the quality of service our customers experience at Jamison Webworks is the best they will experience anywhere at ANY price point. If not, we’ll work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Web Site Transfer Service
Changing web hosts can be difficult for many web site owners. With Jamison Webworks, we take care of the entire process for you. We’ll coordinate with you before the transfer, copy all of your files and databases to the new server and will assist you with pointing your domain to us from your previous provider. The best part, we do this free of charge.

We Provide Solutions, Not Just Web Hosting
Our customers often need customized solutions when their sites experience rapid popularity. For those who have outgrown shared hosting, we specialize in providing high-performance, high-uptime hosting solutions that won’t cost you a fortune.
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