We are a small business ourselves so we understand that small business owners have to wear many hats. We want to wear one of those hats for you by offering our web hosting solutions.

Values: foundation for our business
We strive to build great business relationships with all of your clients. We do this by only billing our clients what we say. There are never any hidden fees. We also will go the extra mile for all of your clients to make sure they have everything they need for web hosting solutions.

Approach: atmosphere for our business
Jamison Web Works is the result of years of accumulating information and learning to understand how the non-technical computer user approaches computers and the Internet. Our products and services are easy to use and user friendly. They are also backed up by friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives, who will get you the answers you need in easy to understand English, not “computerese”.

Expertise: core ability in our business
We have been in web hosting business for 15 years. Our staff has seen it all so we can find a solution for all your web hosting needs.

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